Self-Serve Bays

We're proud to be the only car wash in Pekin to accept credit and debit cards in their self-serve bays.


Self-serve bays are available for those who wish to wash their vehicle by hand.  Additional quarters may be added at any time to increase the amount of wash time.


Self-Serve Bay Options

Tire Cleaner

Presoak Cleaner

High Pressure Soap Wash

Foam Brush Wash

High Pressure Rinse


Spot Free Rinse



Conventional Vacuums

$1.00 for 4 minutes use


Shampoo Vacuum

This machine allows you to shampoo the carpet, seats and floor mats in your vehicle and vacuum afterwards at one location

$1.50 for 5 minutes use

Freqently asked questions

I bought a special finish for my car and the dealer advised me to not wax my car.  It is safe to use Let It Shine Car Wash because of this?  It sure is.  All of the products we use are designed to work with modern vehicle paints and finishes. 

My friends used window markers to help me celebrate, how do I get it off? Despite the claims of the various manufacturers, window markers are not easily removed, especially if the writing has been on for several days baking in the sun.  We recommend using a common product that is readily available at discount retailers called Totally Awesome.  It is inexpensive and comes in a spray bottle that can be applied at the car wash just before washing your vehicle.  If you don’t have any, use the presoak selection in our self serve bays and spray it on the writing.  Let it stand for a few minutes and the writing will come off easily with the high pressure wash.  Try to place the wand as close to the writing as possible.  We also recommend checking with your new wife to make sure it is time to have “Just Married” removed. 

We had fun, but now I am covered in mud! Can I wash my truck or ATV at Let It Shine Car Wash? We get it, we are a car wash after all.  But, we don’t like it too much when you come in and leave buckets full of mud in our bay leaving it unusable.  An attendant is generally on duty from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and will gladly clean up after you.  It is helpful if you spray off the major mud before coming to the car wash though. 

My car is covered in dead bugs, any advice on getting them off?  Of the common things that get on vehicles, bugs are about the hardest to remove easily.  But with most things, rehydrating the bug guts will make the process easier.  In the self serve bay, use the Presoak option and apply the presoak liberally to the bugs.  It is best to let it stand for a few minutes then spray them with the high pressure soap holding the nozzle as close to the surface of the vehicle as possible. 

Be considerate of others when cleaning out the bed of your truck – Be mindful of nails, screws, box cutter blades, plaster, paint and similar items that can cause damage or create an unsafe condition.