Self-Serve Dog Wash

The dog wash bay was specially built to wash dogs, so keep your bathroom clean by checking out our self serve dog wash bay.  It is heated and air conditioned for the comfort of you and your pet. All products are formulated for your dog’s coat and are pre-mixed with warm water. Our tub will safely accommodate a dog weighing up to 300 pounds.

The cost is only $5 for 7 minutes of wash time. Why pay the groomer 5 times this much when you can do it yourself? 


Products Available


Tearless Shampoo

Oatmeal Treatment



Flea & Tick Shampoo


Tub Disinfectant

Blow Dryer

frequently asked questions

I have never used a self serve dog wash before, do you have any tips? We sure do.  Dollar bill acceptors do not like wet bills and we don’t like frustrated customers.  Here are a few strategies to help: 1) Bring along a helper who can keep their hands dry to handle the bills, or 2) use a credit/debit card.  Another tip is to bring along a towel.  While our dog wash does have a dryer, you can save money by toweling off the bulk of the water then use the blow dryer.

Does the blow dryer in the dog wash blow hot air?  We follow the advice of many pet groomers who suggest room air temperature is best.  Hot air can injure small dogs when not applied appropriately.